Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Add Pinterest "Pin It" Button to your Blogger Account

I am no techie.

Well, it actually depends on how "techie" is defined. Sure I find technology interesting, I mean I love my iphone and my laptop but would that count for being branded a techie? If it means being a great beneficiary for all that technology brings but not really contribute to the whole gamut of it then yeah, you can call me a techie. But if it means knowing the definition of jargons such as "html", "css" or "bandwidth" and actually know how these are used or applied or chanted, then I am so not a techie. Not even close to the vicinity of being a techie. Not even close to the closest vicinity that surrounds the vicinity of being a techie. Not even close to - ok, you get me. 


The thing is, there are times when I need to be one. That's kind of hard to imagine, I know. But here's the scenario: I'm new to blogger (well, I'm familiar with it for a long time already it's just now that I actually got the courage to put up my own blog), but as I've said yesterday, I am addicted to Pinterest. So in line with my being a Pinterest addict, I thought I'll put up a blog and then pin whatever I write to my boards. Sounds very simple, eh? Not. It was a shocker to know that Blogger doesn't have a "Pin It' option yet. Does this mean that I can't pin what I write to Pinterest? I saw my dreams crashing down before my eyes. Ok, I'm exaggerating. I just panicked. 

So I quickly scoured the net for any solution to this and this is what I found: 

It changed my life forever. Lol. I tell you, it's pretty easy to follow and everything you need in relation to what you're going to do is spoon fed to you in that very page in forms of hyperlink! (Shocker that I know what hyperlink means, I'm no techie but I get by, lol). 

Try it if you want to post your Blogger posts to Pinterest too. Just make sure that you read everything carefully, follow every single instruction there as much as possible - in fact, just follow everything that he says there period. I mean, I did it all by myself - clap clap clap. 

Just a tip though, once you get to Step 4, where he asks you to look for

(because it's pretty hard to spot this amidst all the matrix-like words and characters in the "HTML" box of your Blogger account) What I did was press CTRL + f (I'm using PC), which is shortcut for FIND, while my cursor was inside the "HTML" box and typed the exact thing (<data:post.body/>) in the "Find" box. This quickly led me to the "data tag" that he was referring to. And then I just continued on from there. Since I was using PC, Ctrl+f was the shortcut for "Find", for Mac though it is command+f - this is according to this site. I recommend double-checking on this as I'm not entirely sure if it works.

So there. I hope that I was able to help fellow Bloggers and Pinterest addicts who are interested in having a Pin It button to their Blogger posts. What other Blogger secrets do you know? 

See you guys in Monday! Keep safe!

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