Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Chain and Ring Connectors Necklace

I love accessories. I can get lost in the accessories department for hours.

Thing is though, I don't have enough funds to buy everything I set my eyes and heart on so I resort to DIY from whatever beads and chains that I have leftover. So today for Tutorial Tuesday I decided to make a chain necklace. I did a few statement necklaces before but that required lots of beads, since I'm going for something simple yet sophisticated, not to mention friendly on the budget, I decided to just use 3 chain strands of different colors and wait for it...

Ring connectors.

They did turn out lovely.

Here we go:

Materials I used:
3 strands of chains in 2 shades of gold.
Ring connectors - lots of these in 1 shade of gold
1 clasp - forgot to include in the picture, sorry!

This can be done in any order, I just wanted to start with the gold chain.

I just fed it with ring connectors like this:

I did not really keep count on how many ring connectors I used, I just based it on the width. So I did this for all the chains I have. This is how it looked like when I finished with the 2 chains:

To make it look more stylish than the idea (lol), I decided to kind of make tiers out of the ring connectors like this:

Once done, I closed it up with -yup, you guessed it- another ring connector.

And then hooked the clasp.

Tadaaaaa! It's done!

Very easy to do, very versatile at a very low cost! Who would think your accessory is made of the humble ring connectors? I'm so proud of me right now. Lol. 

What about you, what DIY do you resort to when funds aren't cooperating?

Hope you enjoy! See you tomorrow and keep safe!

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