Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Headband from shirts with flowerettes from scrap fabric!

I am such a Pinterest addict! I am yet to experience a boring time just browsing in it and pin everything to my heart's content. It also made my creative juices flowing. 

So to somehow curb my addiction, I went ahead and made my own version of a DIY Headband from old shirts and did some flowerettes from scrap fabrics too!

Here's the breakdown:

I have piles and piles of cloth strips that I have cut way before. Now I'm putting them to good use.

Materials I used:
1. 4 pieces of shirt strips
2. Scissors
3. Glue Gun
4. Needle and Thread
5. DIY Flowerettes - a great blog tutorial on them here.
6. Faux pearls

Here we go:
First up, I made a braid from the 3 strips of shirt fabric.
This is how it looked like after.
Then I secured the ends by sewing each side together like this:
 Next, I trimmed the excess fabric. (Did not throw them yet though, I'll need it later.)
Then I not-so-perfectly sewed both ends together to close the whole hairband up like this:
It ended up looking like... well... I'm not a pro. lol
After that, I took one of the excess fabrics that I cut before and used that to hide the wonderful stitches I just did. I used a glue gun to seal it close.
Next, using the 4th strip of fabric, I made a long-tailed bow.

Then attached that at the bottom part of the headband with hot glue.

Almost done! I just glued on faux pearls to my cloth flowerettes and then glued them to the side of my headband.

It looked like this! 
Yay! It looked so pretty!

The long tails of the bow added a cute touch to the whole look when I wear my hair up with my headband.

So there you have it! Very easy to do plus the turnout is really rewarding! I did a lot more like this, even mixed up some colors by using one different fabric color when I did the 3-strand braid. I also changed up the accents, instead of the flowerettes made from fabric, I used beads. How about you, what accents will you add to yours? 

I hope this was useful! See you tomorrow and keep safe!

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