Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY How To Make Photo on Canvas look like Photo on Wood

I love to give gifts. I love the feeling I get when I see my recipient very happy with what I gave him/her. I might also be vain that way.

So one of my best friends' birthday is coming up and I thought I'd give her something extra special because she'll be turning the big 3-0. (It really is a big deal somehow). I decided to make her the Pinterest famous pin Photo on Canvas.

I've seen a lot of versions of this and I tell you I can't, until now, get over them. I mean, they are uh-mayyy-zing-lyyy easy to do. They even have this version on wood where you'll use real wood and transfer the photo there using gel medium. All the results turn out lovely and I got intrigued.

In respect to the person who gave me this idea, I would like to hyperlink her blog here to show you how it tempted me to try it coz it looked so very easy to do. I tweaked it a little to make the whole thing look like photo printed on wood, old and rustic.

Here's what I used:
Canvas (I used an 8x 10)
Photo printed on paper (regular printer/bond paper)
Mod Podge
Acrylic Paint
Sand Paper (not in picture)
Paint brushes

Here we go.

The acrylic paint color I used is in the brown side to really give the canvas a wood effect.

I trimmed the edges of my picture and if you'll notice, the picture is significantly smaller than the canvas.

Mod Podge the canvas to have the picture adhere to it. Make sure to smoothen out the photo to the canvas to rid of bubbles. This is important, the picture needs to be laying flat on the canvas as much as possible.
Next, top a layer of Mod Podge on the photo to seal it. 
Then I mixed a pea-size amount of paint with a lot of Mod Podge. If you want your canvas a bit darker, use a lot more of paint. The size I'm referring to is in the pic below:

Mix mix.

Then paint along the whites of the canvas. I also painted a bit at the edges of the picture to give it like a "cohesive" feel to it.

Tadaaaa! We're getting there. I got the color I wanted but it didn't look rustic to me so...

I sanded the edges. I didn't wait for the Mod Podge to get dry, I went in there while the paper was still damp so it was easier for me to wound it up.

 There, much better...
 After the sanding, I went back in with my Mod Podge + Paint mixture. Covered and sealed the ones I sanded.

Then I'm done! Very happy with the results! The whole thing looked authentic and old and rustic. Just the way I like it. I'm actually giving her a set of 3. 

I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees this!

How about you, what gifts do you like to give?

Thank you for dropping by! Keep safe everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Chain and Ring Connectors Necklace

I love accessories. I can get lost in the accessories department for hours.

Thing is though, I don't have enough funds to buy everything I set my eyes and heart on so I resort to DIY from whatever beads and chains that I have leftover. So today for Tutorial Tuesday I decided to make a chain necklace. I did a few statement necklaces before but that required lots of beads, since I'm going for something simple yet sophisticated, not to mention friendly on the budget, I decided to just use 3 chain strands of different colors and wait for it...

Ring connectors.

They did turn out lovely.

Here we go:

Materials I used:
3 strands of chains in 2 shades of gold.
Ring connectors - lots of these in 1 shade of gold
1 clasp - forgot to include in the picture, sorry!

This can be done in any order, I just wanted to start with the gold chain.

I just fed it with ring connectors like this:

I did not really keep count on how many ring connectors I used, I just based it on the width. So I did this for all the chains I have. This is how it looked like when I finished with the 2 chains:

To make it look more stylish than the idea (lol), I decided to kind of make tiers out of the ring connectors like this:

Once done, I closed it up with -yup, you guessed it- another ring connector.

And then hooked the clasp.

Tadaaaaa! It's done!

Very easy to do, very versatile at a very low cost! Who would think your accessory is made of the humble ring connectors? I'm so proud of me right now. Lol. 

What about you, what DIY do you resort to when funds aren't cooperating?

Hope you enjoy! See you tomorrow and keep safe!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings - a start.

I sometimes depend on other people's words to inspire me.

Well it's Monday. The thing is, I'm not a morning person nor am I a Monday person. For one, it's the day that officially ends the fun that happens during the weekend. Second, my daughter is back to school and my husband is also back to work so that leaves me alone with my thoughts for the most part of the day and that alone is frustrating with all the many things that I want to do and need to get done and they all just fight each other in my head so I end up doing none. (Hey, did I just rhyme there? Coolio.) Third, well, there's something about Mondays that irks me. Maybe it's the trauma I got from working before... Lol.

Well anyways. I decided to put themes on my everyday blogging respectively named: Monday Musings, Tutorial Tuesdays, Wicked Wednesday (don't ask!), Throwback Thursday, Funday Friday, Saturday Shopaholic. Super excited to get these themes rollin'. Oh no... my mind is racing again...

Today, I want to share the quotes that I've loved and lived by for so long now. I love them because I can either relate to them or they inspire me to be more. It gives me courage to face my fears and they make me feel good about myself and the world. They remind me that I'm not the only one going through what I'm going through and that they survived whatever it is and that I will too. (Waitaaaminute, did I just rhyme again there??? I'm on a roll baby.)

On love...

On life...

On hope and  faith...


On motherhood...

How about you, what words of wisdom inspire and empower you?

I'll see you tomorrow - that is Tutorial Tuesday. Keep safe.

Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Add Pinterest "Pin It" Button to your Blogger Account

I am no techie.

Well, it actually depends on how "techie" is defined. Sure I find technology interesting, I mean I love my iphone and my laptop but would that count for being branded a techie? If it means being a great beneficiary for all that technology brings but not really contribute to the whole gamut of it then yeah, you can call me a techie. But if it means knowing the definition of jargons such as "html", "css" or "bandwidth" and actually know how these are used or applied or chanted, then I am so not a techie. Not even close to the vicinity of being a techie. Not even close to the closest vicinity that surrounds the vicinity of being a techie. Not even close to - ok, you get me. 


The thing is, there are times when I need to be one. That's kind of hard to imagine, I know. But here's the scenario: I'm new to blogger (well, I'm familiar with it for a long time already it's just now that I actually got the courage to put up my own blog), but as I've said yesterday, I am addicted to Pinterest. So in line with my being a Pinterest addict, I thought I'll put up a blog and then pin whatever I write to my boards. Sounds very simple, eh? Not. It was a shocker to know that Blogger doesn't have a "Pin It' option yet. Does this mean that I can't pin what I write to Pinterest? I saw my dreams crashing down before my eyes. Ok, I'm exaggerating. I just panicked. 

So I quickly scoured the net for any solution to this and this is what I found: 

It changed my life forever. Lol. I tell you, it's pretty easy to follow and everything you need in relation to what you're going to do is spoon fed to you in that very page in forms of hyperlink! (Shocker that I know what hyperlink means, I'm no techie but I get by, lol). 

Try it if you want to post your Blogger posts to Pinterest too. Just make sure that you read everything carefully, follow every single instruction there as much as possible - in fact, just follow everything that he says there period. I mean, I did it all by myself - clap clap clap. 

Just a tip though, once you get to Step 4, where he asks you to look for

(because it's pretty hard to spot this amidst all the matrix-like words and characters in the "HTML" box of your Blogger account) What I did was press CTRL + f (I'm using PC), which is shortcut for FIND, while my cursor was inside the "HTML" box and typed the exact thing (<data:post.body/>) in the "Find" box. This quickly led me to the "data tag" that he was referring to. And then I just continued on from there. Since I was using PC, Ctrl+f was the shortcut for "Find", for Mac though it is command+f - this is according to this site. I recommend double-checking on this as I'm not entirely sure if it works.

So there. I hope that I was able to help fellow Bloggers and Pinterest addicts who are interested in having a Pin It button to their Blogger posts. What other Blogger secrets do you know? 

See you guys in Monday! Keep safe!

DIY Headband from shirts with flowerettes from scrap fabric!

I am such a Pinterest addict! I am yet to experience a boring time just browsing in it and pin everything to my heart's content. It also made my creative juices flowing. 

So to somehow curb my addiction, I went ahead and made my own version of a DIY Headband from old shirts and did some flowerettes from scrap fabrics too!

Here's the breakdown:

I have piles and piles of cloth strips that I have cut way before. Now I'm putting them to good use.

Materials I used:
1. 4 pieces of shirt strips
2. Scissors
3. Glue Gun
4. Needle and Thread
5. DIY Flowerettes - a great blog tutorial on them here.
6. Faux pearls

Here we go:
First up, I made a braid from the 3 strips of shirt fabric.
This is how it looked like after.
Then I secured the ends by sewing each side together like this:
 Next, I trimmed the excess fabric. (Did not throw them yet though, I'll need it later.)
Then I not-so-perfectly sewed both ends together to close the whole hairband up like this:
It ended up looking like... well... I'm not a pro. lol
After that, I took one of the excess fabrics that I cut before and used that to hide the wonderful stitches I just did. I used a glue gun to seal it close.
Next, using the 4th strip of fabric, I made a long-tailed bow.

Then attached that at the bottom part of the headband with hot glue.

Almost done! I just glued on faux pearls to my cloth flowerettes and then glued them to the side of my headband.

It looked like this! 
Yay! It looked so pretty!

The long tails of the bow added a cute touch to the whole look when I wear my hair up with my headband.

So there you have it! Very easy to do plus the turnout is really rewarding! I did a lot more like this, even mixed up some colors by using one different fabric color when I did the 3-strand braid. I also changed up the accents, instead of the flowerettes made from fabric, I used beads. How about you, what accents will you add to yours? 

I hope this was useful! See you tomorrow and keep safe!