Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY: Shadow Shields

Confession: I hate doing smokey eye makeup. Wait. Better statement is, I hate the eyeshadow fallouts that land under my eyes and cheeks everytime I do smokey eye makeup. Eyeshadow fallouts are the annoying specks of makeup residue that fall whenever you're applying eyeshadow using a brush. It can be glittery, satin-y, or dark eyeshadow. Whatever. It is annoying and it ruins your whole look. Whenever I'm doing smokey eye makeup, I usually end up looking sick because it gives me dark undereyes where it shouldn't be.

Which is why I came up with a solution for exactly that: DIY shadow shields! 

The truth is, there are a lot of ways to avoid shadow fallouts. One is you can pile up loose powder under your eyes and cheekbones so that the fallouts can be easily brushed off but this is not usually the case with me, they can't be easily brushed off. So I crossed that one out in my list. Another is that instead of brushing in the eye shadow, specially if it's a dark and pigmented one, you should just dab it in. This works for me during times when I have the luxury of a 2-hour preparation time but never when I'm in a hurry-say from work to a night out. So that one is semi-crossed out. Then there's the option of buying shadow shields. First of all, they can't be easily bought because the ones I found are only sold online and why should I spend money on something that I can make myself, right? 

Ready to be surprised on how easy this is? Here we go. 

What I used:

Ha! Read on because below is a full demo of my genius.

First, I made a curved line at the top part of the post it, making sure that I'm drawing on the opposite side of the sticky part. 

Then I stuck it below my eye. This is after I've put on eye primer and eye liner.

Next I applied my eyeshadow. 

Well will you look at that. Say hello to the annoying fallouts I was talking about.
But this time, they're not on my undereyes or cheeks!

Carry on with the rest of the upper eye makeup. 

Here's a bonus! Since I have the post it there, I can also apply mascara on my lower lashes without having to worry about it smudging on the skin. I told you, genius!

After I'm done with all that, peel the post it. 

Are you ready to see how clean my undereye is just right after I've put on dark eyeshadow?



Then I put on my final touches and voila! 

I have a clean, and carefully-done looking smokey eye makeup in under 10 minutes.

I hope this helps you out. It's an easy trick for a tricky kind of makeup. How about you, what genius have you thought of today? Make sure to let me know in the comments box below.

Keep safe everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY: Chalkboard Painted Cups Using Poster Paint

DIY Chalkboard paint was hot in Pinterest in 2012 and I took part in that craze and painted wine bottles and pumpkins with it for a Halloween centerpiece I did for my daughter's school's halloween party. They were a hit.

So this time, I thought of doing it again but for the cups I over-bought last Christmas. The thing is though, all, and I mean ALL the tutorials I've read on how to make chalkboard paint only use acrylic paint. Not that I have anything against it, it's just that it's quite an inconvenience for me at the moment because I only have poster paint here at home, and it's staring at me, raising its hand and screaming "use me, use me!!!". 

Thought bubble formed, lightbulb flickered, gears winded. I went for it. And yep, it worked! Yay! Read on to find out how I did it.

Here's what I used:
Borax (You can get this in your hardware store) - Sifted
Poster Paint - Used half a bottle of it, scooped and placed in a plastic container, mixed with 1/4 cup of water
Paint Brush
Popsicle Sticks for mixing and CUPS!

Here we go:

I sifted the borax to get rid of the lumps that are a pain to mix with anything liquid, this way, mixing becomes breezy. The poster paint was already mixed in with the water in the picture below. I just scooped half a bottle of the paint and dissolved it into the water. I did not mix the paint in directly to the 1/4 cup of water, I poured in and gauged the amount as I went. I went for a semi thick consistency before I put the borax in.

Then I just mixed and mashed them together using my paintbrush. I must say that the consistency of the whole mixture was way better than mixing acrylic and borax directly together - which was thin and runny. The turnout of this was semi thick and lovely and felt more right. LOL. Ok, moving on.

It's just a matter of being patient with painting. At first, the bubbles freaked me out but as I continued, they just kind of magically disappeared. 

And this, my friends, is how they look like when dry. Gorgeous aren't they? Took me 15 minutes tops to get them dry and have my hands all over them. So I took my store-bought chalk, summoned the 7-year old in me and decorated them!

Tadaa! Plan to give some of these to my close friends for kickstarting their new year. So there, I hope you like them and you find this useful. What else do you think can be painted with these poster colour-chalkboard paint? Any ideas?

Keep safe everyone!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year To All!!!

I didn't think that I'd be way busy during the holiday season which is why I apologize for not being able to post for quite a long time. Note to the growing New Year's Resolution List: BLOG EVERYDAY. #ALLCAPSFOREMPHASIS. So yup, I'm starting today! Yay!

To commemorate my resolution, here's a website and apps list that I have collected over 2012 that I think would be useful for everyone, moms and normal people alike who would also like to start their 2013 differently. Hope you find these useful!

If you are looking to lose weight (great time to start), go to:

Great for getting useful diet and workout tips. They also have a community chat room where you can get all the support and advices you'll need to jumpstart your weightloss journey.


Insane bootyfied woman who gives workouts that you can follow in your own living room. Workout with her 6 times a week and you can also follow her through youtube, facebook or twitter.

If you prefer an app that guides you through your diet you can get this: Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal.

This has a large food database that lets you search the calorie count of the food you have taken. Otherwise, just add the food you ate and input calories if you know how much it is and it will save it to its database. This way it will also help you take note of whatever you consume. Cool, huh?

Now let's go to BEAUTY.

This is my past time. Should I need to be uplifted during self pity times, I go to my favorite Youtube sites and they never fail to cheer me up. I love makeup soooo much that whenever I watch these people do magic on themselves or to others, it automatically whirls me in to this twilight zone I call makeup magic. Your turn now, have at it:

Pixiwoo: These girls are rockstars. 

Lisa Eldridge: Makeup Artist to the stars shares her tips and tricks.
Goss Makeupartist: This hottie knows what he is talking about. And he is every bit adorable!!!

Here's a new website by Michelle Phan, also a Youtuber who has built loads of channels to inspire women of all ages through makeup and fashion. It's called Ipsy and you can order gift boxes online customized to your needs: http://www.ipsy.com/.

I find this useful especially if you don't have the courage and trust to ask the attendee in makeup stores about what you need to glamify yourself. 


Remember those times when you were a kid and you went insane over paper dolls? Felt like you were the fashion mogul that this world has been missing out on? Well now, thanks to technology, you may relive those moments through these wonderful websites. Who says you can't let the little-girl-wishing-to-be-a-fashionista play anymore?

Polyvore - Create your looks and share it through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Lookbook - It says "collective fashion consciousness". Here you can create your own world of fashion as well as browse other people's fashion mindset from all around the world. 

Lifestyle and Others:

Looking for anything that would help you kill time? I got those too:

He Texted - This site helps women and women-at-heart alike to encode a guy's text message. It's kind of like a community where women can actually help each other go through a guy's point of view. And yes, you are free to join the chat room too and give your 2 cents worth. Great place to help fellow women to understand, encode or get over men. Very interesting.

The Pioneer Woman - Oh, the superwoman who handles them all: from family, kids to cooking. Great site to get tips and recipes to enhance the superwoman in us.

Jezebel - Funny take on celebrity scandals and gossips. Who doesn't like that?

Zefrank - Want to doodle? Want to play clever flash games? This site is for you. (I always get a kick out of ScribblerToo).

Yeah, I got more! Here are the Apps that bring joy to my heart:

Beauty Booth - Now you can post almost perfect profile photos of yourself thanks to this app that makes wonders. Add sparkle to your eyes, smoothen your skin, appear luminous. This will be our secret.

Photo Power - I seriously think this is way better than the limited Photoshop App. This one gives you lots of options to edit your photo. 

Diptic - Ever wonder how to make those fancy photo collages that you see in many of your friends' facebook and pinterest pages? Well here it is, the mother of them all collage-making apps. Lol. Lots of great options available to collage your photos, and yes, you can manage the borders, colors, apply filters to them too. 

Want a website version of this? Go to PicMonkey. This lets you edit your photos ala Instagram, correct imperfections and lets you make collages too, ideal for posting on Pinterest or just to show off.

Spending Tracker - If you're like me who needs to start the year right by tracking all expenses that I have made, then this app will sure be helpful. This app allows you to track down every teeny bit of expense you've made and calculates the balance. Great to keep you on the right track with spending for bills, groceries or shopping.

Lastly, I'm the kind of woman who likes to be constantly entertained. And I love my Iphone. Put them together, I like to be entertained by using my Iphone to its full capacity. Read: Games. "Role Playing Games" to be exact, "Simulation Games" to those who are in the know. I am not ashamed of this. Here they are:

Fashion Design World - Inspiring. No, seriously. This will make you feel like you can do anything. 

Stardom - Can't hurt to fantasize, right?

Sims - Ever favorite. Plus, their language is nothing but bizaare. 

So there you have it. I hope this was useful and entertaining for you guys too. Let's start the year right, yeah? Keep safe everyone!