Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3-Day Diet Day 2

Confession: 1st day of this diet is... not so bad. 

I mean it was hard to resist all the lovely sweets in my fridge but I did well. (To those who want to read the start of all this, go here.) I decided to still squeeze in a bit of exercise during the afternoon yesterday. I just thought that since I have such low calorie intake during the day, I might as well just take advantage of it and burn a few more. Heehee. I didn't do any intense cardio anyway, I just followed this.

I was surprised that I didn't feel that tired like I was expecting I am going to be. I did feel the occasional pang of hunger but it was bearable. I just kept myself busy with other stuff, watched shows that I've been saving to watch before, and just focused into getting the day done with. I also did not have additional coffee, I just had water instead. 

I weighed again before having breakfast this morning and I am now down 4 lbs. I now weigh 209 lbs and couldn't be happier. I'm only on my 2nd day but I feel lighter, better, UNbloated. I like it. 

Oh, I was a bit late in realizing that I posted the wrong image of the plan yesterday and I saw that it has been repinned on Pinterest, (sorry about that!). I'm now reposting  the corrected one right here:

So here are the tricks that I did to control myself from cheating:
1) I drank plenty of water
2) I avoided watching Anthony Bourdain
3) I exercised so I'd feel bad about myself if I cheat
4) I watched Beyonce's Life is but a dream. I'm telling you that woman's curves kept cheering for my success pre slumber. Yes, it talked to my soul.
5) I took a picture of myself, full body to remind me of the reason why I'm doing this in the first place. (I'll post that picture as soon as I have a good "after" picture to post it with, I promise.) 

So there. Day 2, breakfast is done, lunch is coming in a few. 

Cheers to Beyonce's jaw-dropping body. It makes me want to make this diet into a year long thing. Her body is insane!!! Ugh! I want one!

Keep safe everyone! See you guys again tomorrow!

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