Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The 3 Day Diet - Day 3

Confession: I FEEL GREAT!

I didn't think that it would be easy for me to go through the first 2 days into this diet but it was. Ok, it wasn't super easy but it wasn't bad either. I keep thinking what made it easier for me to do it this time around and I keep going to these conclusions:

1) My husband is away for a business trip. - Him being home would usually entail a lot more cooking and meal preparation throughout the day, and since he's away I didn't have to do that.
2) I stayed at home. - Away from all the temptation to eat out and ditch the diet plan.
3) I blogged about it. - A lot of people on a diet don't usually broadcast their current weight and how much of it they plan to lose to the world. Somehow blogging about it kept me on the right track and helped me focus on my goal.

I now weigh - tan-ta-na-nan!!! 204 lbs.

Ahhh. What great motivation for me to keep losing the stubborn weight off.

What happened yesterday:
I stuck to the plan for the whole day, by the time dinner came, I felt full so suddenly that I couldn't finish the food allocated for me. I did some exercise again just to burn a few more calories (yup, the same one that I posted yesterday). I did not cheat. I swear I was so close to grabbing another banana but something in me clicked - I felt for hunger but it wasn't there. I wasn't hungry, my body was just bored. So I stopped and went back to the living room and played me some Sims. Hahaha.

I think the whole envisioning thing works just as well too. Health experts say that when you wake up in the morning, you should envision yourself stepping into the body that you have been dreaming of. And then try to do things during the day that would help you achieve that body.

So now I'm on Day 3. Last day of the diet for week 1. I wonder how much I'll weigh tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Keep safe everyone!

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