Monday, February 18, 2013

The 3-day Diet Plan

Confession: I am overweight. I am 5"6' and I weigh 213 lbs.

Well, this has been my bodily issue ever since I can remember and the truth is there's really no one to blame but myself. I have been stuffing myself with junk and sweets with no regard for what's going to happen to my body for the past 6 years and I have greatly contributed to my own lack of self esteem. Read: sluggish, lazy, shy, insecure, ridiculed, you name it, i've felt and experienced it all because I didn't have it in me to discipline myself to eat and live healthily.

Now I don't want this article to turn into something that would make you grab your tissue box, I am setting my noose aside too - was that dark? Lols. I am a happy person. I know people love to be around me. I am positive most of the time. I love to smile and I know for a fact that I have a great one. But, boy, do I love to eat. I do. I love to eat. I say that with passion. I love to experience new things, taste new things. I take pleasure in every bite I make. Just like Remy in the movie Ratatouille. I swear, that rat... We share the same passion for food.

I am an emotional eater too. I eat when I'm sad. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm excited. I eat when I'm stressed. Ok, you get it. To me it feels like food is my reward and it is also my punishment. I take comfort in it and I almost always feel bad after I do. I eat to my heart's content and I feel remorseful against the people around me who try to control how I eat. Because I simply think they're being unreasonable. I mean dude, I am happy this way, don't you want me to be happy? I know, BS right? Like what I said, no one to blame but myself.

Good thing is, I woke up last January 2nd and thought to myself that this is the year that I am going to make a change. Nothing drastic, little steps at a time. I now have a plan.

I started to eliminate carbs and trans fat on my diet: white rice and soda. The 2 great loves of my life. The thing is, I said to myself that if I'll start with this change and if I plan to stick to this for the long term, I won't do it drastically. Such that I won't allow myself to feel deprived because I think that this has been my greatest downfall before and why I couldn't stick to a diet. It's because I hate the feeling of deprivation. I know that the more that I am kept from eating something, the more that I'd want to eat it. Yep, I'm stubborn that way. So my plan is simple, don't eat white rice and don't drink soda as much as you can. See? There's isn't a strong NO rule on this one. Just try not to have them as much as you can. And it has worked. I admit to having them a few times but at least now I have control. I have taught my mind to control. I believe I'm into the first few steps into disciplining myself.

Next thing I did was to incorporate exercise into my life. I have commissioned a partner to walk with me at night. Again, nothing drastic. Just walking around our block for 30-45 minutes. Nothing that would make me feel like I am torturing myself and would cause me to stop. I also did Bikram Yoga for 4 straight days. It was very hard to do especially at my current weight and my sexy bulges but it was rewarding too. I have never sweat that way in my life, ever, and I feel so light and fresh after every session. I stopped, though, because the sessions were expensive for me, so I'm back to just walking.

Now, I am going to try the 3-Day Diet. I am imagining that you are now crossing the I-am-judging-you-line by a toe so before you do that let me explain why I am going to try this one out. I mean first of all, this will let me have vanilla ice cream for 3 days straight for crying out loud. And as I've mentioned before, I love to eat and this is the diet, after a lot of research, that allows me to do that. It may sound cray but this one works for me more than the master cleanse and the vegetable diet simply because I am a mother of a 5-year old and I can't just rely on juice to keep me up and about all day and secondly, all veggie and no meat? I mean, ain't nobody got time for that. I love me some meat, there's no denying that and there's definitely no eliminating that.

Ok, so where were we? Right. I need to eat to keep myself from hating dieting. I also need some sort of control to keep me on the right track. Which is why I can't, for now, have the simple limitation such as "cook and eat as much as you want as long as they are the healthy kinds" because that simple limitation for me is so wide that I will just end up going out of bounds and I don't want that. So to narrow it down for ya, the diet I am looking for is something that would allow me to have food (meat and icecream included), contain me into a system, and won't take long to accomplish.

I put it all in one image so it's easier for me to visualize accomplishing the 3 days. I am now on the first day, finished my breakfast and about to have lunch in a bit. I feel ok, nothing has changed yet, maybe I'll feel the effects later on in the day. 

The thing is, I am aware that I'll just be losing water weight for the most part of the plan but that is ok with me. Heck, losing weight is still losing weight in my book so I have no problems with that. But the logic I'm looking at is if I do this in a 3-day-on, 3-day-off pattern, then I'll be really bound to keep the weight off considering that if I continue controlling what I eat during the 3 days that I am off it. Eventually too, this will teach your body to just eat small amount of food every meal. I mean, the 1000 calorie per day in 3 days training should be enough to downsize my appetite. Also, to give me a bit more energy, I am doing this with the help of virgin coconut oil. Just 2 tbsps. per day. I should be ok (well that rhymed). 

So there. That's the plan, 3-day diet: 3 days on, 3 days off until March 15th. As for exercise, I plan to do it during my days off. Hey, I'm actually looking for people who'd want to do this with me. So if you're interested, and have done it, and if you just want to lecture me, go ahead and fire away in the comments box below. I'd love to read what you guys think. 

Beautiful smiles no matter what size you are just because you know you have a great one. See you guys tomorrow. Keep safe, everyone!


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