Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY: Teacher's Gift Set

Confession: I appreciate teachers. I seriously think that, next to being a mother, they have the most important job of all, otherwise the world will be over populated with incapable ill-mannered human beings, I mean imagine how stressful that can be. Also, I admire their patience. A whole lot.

So my daughter is graduating from preschool tomorrow morning and I had a panic attack - not the serious one - because I realized that I still don't have anything to give my daughter's teachers for end of school appreciation gifts. (I was preoccupied with something else, and bad me because I've been putting it off for a couple of days until voila, the time has arrived).

A real uh-oh moment: I only have half a day to get everything together. So I scoured the net for ideas and I was able to come up with something - something that's been done before but I still tried my best to make it my own somehow - I ran to the nearest mall and grabbed all the items I needed, since the idea here is to make something simple, everything I needed was very easy to find. Anyway, I thought of sharing what I came up with here.

Ladies and Gents, I present to you my Teacher's Gifts for end of school:

Basically it's a mason jar that I dressed up and filled it with goodies that have little notes in them that explains their relevance. I got tiny items to make sure they fit in my jar and they did, and I'm pretty happy with them. Here's what I included:

Nail Polish for the women, and shoe polish gel for men. "You POLISHed my skills."

Battery-operated tealights.

Hand sanitizer

Tic Tacs!

Mini candy, in this case, Butterfinger

My daughter thought to help me out so she came up with these notes for each of her teacher. So sweet!

Capped it off with a card and wrote the message myself. 

There ya go! Hope this helps fellow moms out there who are seeking ideas with only a few hours to spare. 
What will you give your child's teacher this year?

Cheers to my teacher, Mr. Rodriguez, for having my back during high school. I appreciate you. 
Keep safe everyone!