Sunday, June 2, 2013

Musings & Experiences: The Art of Inking

Confession: I had my first tattoo back in 2006, it's an orchid and it signifies beauty. I had it in my right thigh and it hurt so badly. The artist, who was one of the top tattoo artists in Manila, tried to be gentle with me as he knows it was my first time getting one but truth be told, there's really no such thing as being gentle with the art of inking. I'm still trying to look for a pic of it that I took before so I can post it here. 

Fact 1: It hurts like KUHRAZYYYYY! I was lying down, had my right arm under my head and I had my hair in a ponytail. As soon as the needle started wounding my oh so delicate flesh, I started to grab my ponytail to channel all the pain I felt to it. I ended up having a painful right thigh and head. But it was so pretty, I didn't mind the pain the day after that. Haha!

Fact 2: Getting tattoos are addictive. It is painful yeah, but somehow I felt like I always needed one more. So I got another 2 years ago, this time I had it done on the back of my wrist. It's a cherry blossom, drawn without black outline. It wasn't all that nice, I had it redone once but somehow I felt like something was missing. (Frustrating that I can't find a photo of it when it was freshly inked on me).

Fact 3: You have to somehow let your artist do his/her job. Give your input and then let the artist be. It will always turn out better than what you'd imagine it to be. A month ago I had my last tat done and I also added another element there. A word that says "Blessed".

<<< That pale flower you see over there is the cherry blossom tat I had done about 2 years ago. Wasn't all that ecstatic about it so I had it redone.

<<< Here's our artist friend and he does home service which is great. I had my tat done the minute I woke up. Haha!

So this is my brand spanking new and improved tattoo:

I am so inlove with this. This tat collectively means "to appreciate life, as it is short, and realize that I am infinitely blessed". The word "Blessed" and the infinity sign was written by yours truly. It doesn't get more personal than that, does it?

Fact 4: Obviously it is permanent, so better make sure that what you're getting is something that has great meaning to you. Tattoos are very personal, if you ask me, and it can represent who you are greatly. So think twice and hard before you get one. 

Fact 5: I can't stress this hard enough: SECURE HYGIENE every step of the way. Make sure they're opening the sealed needles in front of you. Make sure that your surroundings are clean. This is the most crucial part, if you ask me. Better to be safe than sorry. =)

Keep safe everyone!

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