Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tutorial: How I tweeze my brows

Confession: I used to have my eyebrows threaded. You know, the kind of eyebrow grooming that uses threads to clean and shape up the brows. Yep, I stopped because it really hurts!

I liked how clean my eyebrows look after a threading session but it also always leave my brows red and swollen. I swear, one time I had to ask the specialist if my brows were already bleeding. That's how painful it was for me. Plus, I do not really have the time to go to a salon because I have been so busy lately. And whenever I have no other option but to tweeze my brows myself, I usually go through a few steps to make sure that I get super nice brows - pain free. I just thought of sharing to you guys how I do it - hope you enjoy!

Without further ado, I bring you my brow tweezing ritual:

The best time to pluck the eyebrows is always after taking a bath because the warm water opens up the pores therefore tweezing will not be very painful. So here's me looking all clean sans makeup:

Check out my Louis Vuitton eyebags. Yeah! 

Then I get my trusty Tweezerman tweezers, my old, dark eyebrow pencil, and warm water and a small face towel. I swear, Tweezerman tweezers are the bad asses in tweezers. They are so precise and can get even the tiniest little brow sucker you have. I swear by these lovelies:

Next, I then get my brow pencil and make an outline on my brows. It helps if the pencil is in a dark shade.

See how I shaped it? I made sure that I am drawing the exact kind of shape I want to end up with. So here you'll see that I drew past the stray hairs that grew long already.

I filled it in so I'll have a good idea how it's going to look like.

The idea is to only pluck the stray hairs that are outside the outline I made. But before I go straight to tweezing, I got my face towel first, soaked it in warm water and then damp it on my brow area. This way, my pores will stay open and it won't be so ouchy when I pluck.

And then I just pluck away. 

And viola! I am done! 

See how clean it is now? Oh yeah, oh yeah!

I usually do a victory dance after every eyebrow session I give myself. 

All the trouble I go through is so worth it after I get compliments on how great my brows look, and the best part is telling people that I did it myself. =)

Hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts!

Keep safe everyone!

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