Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The GM Diet

Confession: I was a diet junkie.

In my desperation to lose weight before - well, I am still trying to lose weight at the moment but I have a better understanding of my body now - I made it a point to try and test every diet fad/gimmick/venture that I could find. There's the 3-day diet as you guys already know, there's the lemon juice cleanse diet (I lasted 3 days), "after 6" diet (no more eating after 6pm), vegan diet, Sexy Chef (like Weight Watchers in the US), the blood type diet, and so many more that I don't even have a name for. I am not doing any of these diets anymore as I am learning to trust the process of the plain old "eating in moderation and being active" scheme.  I am aware that this whole process takes quite a bit of time but I am optimistic that I will be able to see results soon. Anyways...

I decided to post one of the diet ventures that I have tried before - the GM Diet. I am no health expert and I am only giving my 2 cents worth here based on my experience with it, and thinking that this might be helpful to those who would like to give it a shot. I tried this diet around 3 times in my life and I was not really successful with it for these reasons: 1) I am addicted to food, 2) I am not a straight-arrow kind of person, I kinda like to give in to my cravings 3) I am the only one in the whole household doing this diet which basically means that I am still surrounded with temptations 4) Fruits kinda make my tummy feel funny 5) I honestly just do not like the feeling of being deprived. 6) I NEED my daily sugar fix. On my 3rd try, I was actually able to stay on it until the 3rd day, and I felt lighter and my tummy became smaller but I was just really hungry so I stopped it on the 4th day. I just could not bear 4 more days without even just sugar in my coffee.

I honestly think that this diet has the potential to work on someone who is the complete opposite of me and someone who will not have the same reasons as stated above. To be honest, I was actually disappointed in myself when I stopped on the 4th day because even with only little time, I was able to see results. I was able to lose around 4 lbs. of water weight and even if it's just water weight I believe that any improvement is still an improvement no matter how small. This is why I am posting this little table I made of the GM diet here, because I honestly think that this can work if followed faithfully until the seventh day.

(Can you tell that I'm addicted to Illustrator? Hehe.)

Again, I am not a nutritionist nor am I an expert on diets, I still suggest that for a healthier weight loss, it is better to go the traditional route of dieting and exercising. But for those who feel like they can do this and think that this diet will work on you then be my guest and save this table for easy reference. For a more detailed information about the GM diet, you can go here. There you will find the "special soup" recipe that you can have within the 7-day diet, or if preferred, only on the day that it is instructed.

So good luck to those who will give this a shot. Wishing you success and progress on this. Will you let me know if this works for you?

Keep safe everyone!


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