Sunday, October 27, 2013

How To: Halloween Look: Wound/Scar Makeup

Confession: I like to experiment.

Sometime ago, while I was watching Art Attack with my daughter, it's one of my most favorite shows on Disney by the way, the host was making paper mache and he used equal parts liquid glue and water to adhere the napkins to whatever he was molding. That gave me an idea for my Halloween makeup - to use this method to mold some kind of scar or wound onto my face.

Thing is, I can use liquid latex or prosthetics to achieve this kind of Halloween look but I really do not want to spend anymore since this will require me to buy loads of different materials to make the whole thing work, and I don't have the time to actually learn the whole process of working with latex or prosthetics as well as its glues and the special kinds of makeup that are to be used with it.


I went the oldskool route and just used plain old materials that can be easily found at home. Such as Elmer's glue, a few sheets of tissue paper, plate, small amount of water, a stirrer, and then just a few of my makeup products that I don't use as much anymore. This. Did. Not. Cost. Me. Anything.

So if you want to grab this idea and learn how I did it plus if you feel like laughing at me for being a complete dork, click on the image below and it will then lead you to my Youtube Channel. <-- Shameless plugging right there, lol. It's a video on how I did everything, from the glue and water solution to the actual application of makeup.

I hope you enjoy it guys, have an awesome halloween!!! 

and keep safe everyone, 

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