Monday, October 21, 2013

Tutorial: DIY Fabric Scraps Scarves

Confession: I honestly think my sister in law has great fashion sense.

Most of the time I wish I could pull off what my sister in law can when it comes to fashion. Her name is Anikka and her style plays around with girly, sophisticated and sometimes boho chic goodness. And what I love about her is that she's not stuck to only wearing and using branded products and she can definitely play around with bargain pieces mixed together with her more expensive stuff. She really is talented when it comes to mixing and matching her clothes.

Last September, she showed me a scarf necklace that she got abroad (China, I think) and it is this gorgeous fabric necklace that can be doubled as a scarf. I immediately thought that I can make that same thing without spending anything since I have a lot of fabric scraps lying around at home. (My head voluntarily thought: Challenge Accepted. LOL). Hence the birth of this post and the inspiration behind this tutorial that I'll now show you guys.

Fabric Scraps Scarves

What you'll need:

Fabric scraps, in the colors of your choice (Only Jersey Knit fabric will do guys because you kinda need the fabric to stretch).
Sharp, quality scissors
A needle and a thread, any color will do
Small hair grips or rubber bands
A ruler (not shown in the picture)

First thing you need to do is decide on the color that you want to have, for this tutorial, I'll use different shades of blue and green to create an ombre effect. =)

Next, you have to decide on the sizes before cutting the strips. For uniformity, I decided on making 60 inches for the length and only 2 inches for the width. 

But before I go straight to cutting the strips, I first cleaned up the edges to make it a little bit straighter and more even. It doesn't have to be prefect, to be honest, but just enough to make all the sides of the fabric clean. I folded the fabric crosswise so it's easier to cut the whole 60 inches of it.

When cutting fabric, make sure that it is lying down on a firm and sturdy surface to make cutting easier and straighter. I know this because I attempted to cut my fabric while holding it just out of pure laziness and I ended up having the most crooked and jagged edges. 

So here are the finished strips and I'll just discard the left most strip as it is just an excess.

Oh how I love the color blue and its aqua relatives!

Then, I'll gather all the strips together and get my needle and thread to sew the ends. 

After the first end is secured, I'll then stretch each fabric lengthwise to make its sides curl. This will give the scarf volume and texture. 

Now to keep the pieces from moving, I'll just secure the bundle with these tiny hair grips. I left quite big spaces after every hair grip until I reach the bundle's end.

Once I reach the second end of my bundle, I'll just snip off the excess fabric.

Next, I'll just secure the two ends together. My sewing skills are once again put the test here, so just to be clear, you don't have to make this part perfect. At. All. Just make sure that everything is in place and well-secured and you'll be good to go.

Now it's time to wrap the messy part with another fabric. I didn't measure this fabric for closure at all. I just made sure that it is wide and long enough for me to roll it around and cover up the messy bit.

There isn't really any wrapping technique done here whatsoever, the more uneven the wrapping looks, the better. =)

To secure the end of the wrap, I just made a knot and inserted the end into the most inner part of the wrap to make sure it stays in place.

After everything is done and secured, I just snipped the hair grips to let go of the bundle.

And Tadaaaaaaa!!! All done! (Insert victory dance here.)

I just twisted the whole thing around so it's easier to store.

Here's the transformation:

This is perfect for the coming colder season. Great to simply pair it with just a shirt and jeans, too. 

So there, I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I had fun making it. Play around with colors, textures and styles. You can braid some strands in the bundle to make the style more interesting. The best part in this whole thing is it did not cost me a single cent to make this, plus the fact that I was able to reuse the scraps that are just sleeping in my storage box. 

Let me know your comments or suggestions, friends. Will be happy to hear from you.

Keep safe everyone!

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