Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY: Quote Posters (Canvas and Crayons)

Confession: I have always loved the framed quote posters that I see on Pinterest but having a poster framed here costs quite a lot and I don't think I have the guts to actually spend a lot on something I know I can do myself. So instead of the usual paper posters, I went a little bit out of my comfort zone and made posters using canvas and melted crayon. A bonus: it's also great to give as a gift for Christmas.

Here's sharing with you how I did it:

What I used:

Canvas Panel
Old used crayons
Matte Sticker Paper
Metal Spoon
Tea Candles
Any plastic card that is not active anymore - not in photo
Foam Board - optional, I plan to use this when I hang these posters on the wall, kind of make a boarder at the back.

Then I freehanded the quote on the sticker paper...

Cut them all the way through...

A canvas panel is different from a canvas board, also a bit less expensive...

After cutting the letters, I stuck them on the canvas panel, being careful with the spacing and margins. 

Because I plan to create an ombre pattern with the crayons, I first selected the crayons that I'll use and kinda  tested how the color gradient will go. 

Onto my spoon and tealight candle. 

Then I started to melt crayons broken in smaller pieces.

This part is a lot easier than it looks, it's just hard for me to take a photo of the exact process but essentially it goes: pour melted crayon on canvas surface, then I immediately get the plastic card and kind of spread the wax onto the surface. Just imagine applying soft cement on a flat surface.

It starts off quite messy at first but it will soon come together once you're done layering all the melted wax on the canvas.

Then peel off all the stickers.

And voila! Here it is, all done and adorable. Glad I took the chance on this one. 

I hope you guys enjoyed and find this helpful! Till my next post!

Keep safe everyone!