Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The GM Diet

Confession: I was a diet junkie.

In my desperation to lose weight before - well, I am still trying to lose weight at the moment but I have a better understanding of my body now - I made it a point to try and test every diet fad/gimmick/venture that I could find. There's the 3-day diet as you guys already know, there's the lemon juice cleanse diet (I lasted 3 days), "after 6" diet (no more eating after 6pm), vegan diet, Sexy Chef (like Weight Watchers in the US), the blood type diet, and so many more that I don't even have a name for. I am not doing any of these diets anymore as I am learning to trust the process of the plain old "eating in moderation and being active" scheme.  I am aware that this whole process takes quite a bit of time but I am optimistic that I will be able to see results soon. Anyways...

I decided to post one of the diet ventures that I have tried before - the GM Diet. I am no health expert and I am only giving my 2 cents worth here based on my experience with it, and thinking that this might be helpful to those who would like to give it a shot. I tried this diet around 3 times in my life and I was not really successful with it for these reasons: 1) I am addicted to food, 2) I am not a straight-arrow kind of person, I kinda like to give in to my cravings 3) I am the only one in the whole household doing this diet which basically means that I am still surrounded with temptations 4) Fruits kinda make my tummy feel funny 5) I honestly just do not like the feeling of being deprived. 6) I NEED my daily sugar fix. On my 3rd try, I was actually able to stay on it until the 3rd day, and I felt lighter and my tummy became smaller but I was just really hungry so I stopped it on the 4th day. I just could not bear 4 more days without even just sugar in my coffee.

I honestly think that this diet has the potential to work on someone who is the complete opposite of me and someone who will not have the same reasons as stated above. To be honest, I was actually disappointed in myself when I stopped on the 4th day because even with only little time, I was able to see results. I was able to lose around 4 lbs. of water weight and even if it's just water weight I believe that any improvement is still an improvement no matter how small. This is why I am posting this little table I made of the GM diet here, because I honestly think that this can work if followed faithfully until the seventh day.

(Can you tell that I'm addicted to Illustrator? Hehe.)

Again, I am not a nutritionist nor am I an expert on diets, I still suggest that for a healthier weight loss, it is better to go the traditional route of dieting and exercising. But for those who feel like they can do this and think that this diet will work on you then be my guest and save this table for easy reference. For a more detailed information about the GM diet, you can go here. There you will find the "special soup" recipe that you can have within the 7-day diet, or if preferred, only on the day that it is instructed.

So good luck to those who will give this a shot. Wishing you success and progress on this. Will you let me know if this works for you?

Keep safe everyone!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Cheat Sheet on Fat Burning Foods

Confession: I am on a very challenging yet rewarding journey right now in my life - weight loss.

If you have visited my previous posts, I made a table for the 3-day diet and followed that during that time. It was effective for me because I followed it to the dot and I was ecstatic with the results. I haven't done it again in a while, I must admit, because I feel like I am in a better place right now in terms of controlling food and keeping a log of everything that I eat.

I started being more careful with what I eat in every meal. For starters, I eliminated white rice from my diet. I still have soda but I stick to light or sugarfree. I still eat cakes and stuff but I make sure that I do not overeat. I signed in to My Fitness Pal - an app and an online community, that helps people who are struggling with their weight. I swear, everyone there are so supportive and helpful. I started in July - well, I started around 2 months before that but not until July when I got my groove and became really serious about it - and I have lost around 5 pounds. I can also see changes in my body and my measurements gone down a bit. Needless to say that I am very happy about it.

My point is, not until I was really able to understand how my body works, how I deeply know myself, that I started to see changes in me. I would love to post some progression pictures but not yet. I am not that confident yet so I am giving myself around 1-2 months before I do that. But anyway, in my journey, I did a lot of reading and research and I just wanted to share what I have found in the hopes that I'd get to help those in need to lose weight as well. (I know I am quite sporadic with my posts but I will really try to give a lot more). So to start it, here's a cheat sheet that I created myself to guide me on the best foods to eat that burns fat and increases metabolism. Thought of sharing it with you guys.

Please note however, that I am not a nutritionist nor am I a health expert, I just did this based on my own research and experience with them. Hope you find this helpful. =)

Just a few side notes:

Hot Peppers - I love spicy foods so this is a staple in my pantry. It does give a little more kick whenever I exercise so I think it works. I just hate the fact that it makes me a wee bit constipated than I should be so I am careful not to take it everyday.

Whole Wheat -  There are a lot of fake whole wheat products nowadays so I stick to those that have 100% whole wheat signs or stickers to them, better to be more careful.

Green Tea - I am not a fan of unsweetened tea so I just take green tea capsules that I buy from the drugstore. I usually take it before I work out.

Grapefruit - This is a food included in the 3-day diet and I can guarantee that it works in keeping you full or having no appetite. So props for this fruit.

Lentils - Based on my research, health experts advise that we substitute this with meat. Because it is rich in protein it can help with muscle building without the fats that non lean meats usually have.

Red Meat - I am a true blue carnivore so this goes to my favor. Heehee.

So anyway, I hope this helps you guys. Let me know what you think. =)

Keep safe everyone,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tutorial: Diagonal Color Pop Nail Art

Confession: I am a beauty-holic. I love anything that is beauty related: makeup, fashion, hairstyling, pretty nails, you name it. So today I thought of doing my nails and have a little fun while I'm at it and thought of showing you guys a little tutorial. =)

I realize that I am a little bit late in the whole nail art situation going on these days, it's just that, while I love all the pretty ideas that I have been seeing out there, I am more into the cleaner look if you know what I mean. Maybe it's because I don't really have a fair complexion so I find busy nail designs a bit too much for me. So! I thought of going for a simple kind of nail art that's not too loud yet still stylish and sassy - just right for my age. Ha! So if you're like me who loves trends but not that daring to try each one of them, read on to see my version of Diagonal Color Pop Nail Art.

Just took out some of my lovely colors, decided to go with nude and coral (that's the Max Factor nail polish you see there).

I cleaned my nails before all this. Yep, I do the cleaning myself too! I can post a blog on that next time. =)

Then, I got my handy dandy CD sticker label and cut tiny strips from the area where it won't be used. Later you'll see what I mean. Anyhoo, I used stickers because I find its tack adhesive milder than scotch tape. Plus, because it has a protected cover, it is easier to manage. Brilliant!

I slanted the sticker so that I can make my diagonal division. 

Finished sticking on all my nails (in one hand), wouldn't want to damage my polish later. 

Then I painted nude polish on the bottom half. The sticker helps a lot in creating a division for the polish, plus it gives me room for error just in case I go over which is all the time. =/
That's two coats. 

About 10 seconds after I have finished putting the 2 coats on, I took the stickers out carefully. See how neat it turned out? Here's a tip: don't discard the used stickers yet because you'll be using that for the other hand. You do not want to peel off another set of stickers with still wet polish now, would you? So, I just stuck them on my pinky. =)

Then I just filled in the unpainted area. It's really easy to just glide on the second color because of the partition (so to say) that the nude polish created. Also two coats. Allow to dry before you put on top coat.

It's my right hand's turn now.

Ok, so I'm right handed which makes my right fingernails look - well - not too precise. Hehe.
Just repeat the whole process. I promise, it's a lot easier than it looks. 



By the way, the CD sticker I was talking about earlier looks like this:

I just cut a small piece of it and then cut that into tiny strips. 

So there you have it! This is my version of classy + sassy nail art. I hope you enjoyed. =)
How about you, what's your nail style?

Keep safe everyone!