Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY: Mini Doll House Without Spending a Single Cent!!!

Confession: I used to like being crafty, a lot. When I was a kid, I would pretend that somebody was filming me doing all sorts of crafts and explain how I do every single step. This was before Youtube came along... I wonder if I thought of doing all this when Youtube was only starting up. I don't know why I stopped, I guess I got old and got busy with life. So word to the wise, folks, never ever lose the little kid inside of you. There's still that youngster in there, nurture that kid as much as you can!!!

Ok, so back to what I am going to post. I'm pretty excited about this DIY because I have been thinking about doing it for weeks and then I finally got the time (and the courage) to do it. Thing is, I promised my daughter that I'll make her a doll house for the Littlest Pet Shop collection that she has so that we won't have to spend money buying her one.

So here's sharing with you how I did it and you'll have to forgive me for the messy pictures, I just roughly took photos because I was kind of hesitant to post them at first. Also, if you ever notice dingy fingers or fingernails lurking around somewhere in the photos, please keep in mind that they are not mine, they belong to an ogre who is a mom, busy with everyday life. (LOL!)

Without further ado: My August's Masterpiece (Haha!): DIY DOLL HOUSE from SCRATCH!
-> I did not spend a single buck in making this, just used the stuff that I have lying around in the house <--

So here are the stuff I used:

First, I made some adjustments to the box by cutting the excess flaps, taping the loose flaps in place and then painted the exterior. I kept the handle intact to keep it portable.

Now for the inside:

TADAAAAA! 2 floors done! Now for the interior decoration. This is fun to do, actually...

As for the windows:

DONE!!!! Here's a few rough shots of the mini house upclose and completed. Of course I took some of my daughters toys and used them to fill the house.

Best part of making this was when I revealed this to my daughter, her words will forever ring in my ears:
"This is so nice, mom! It's better than my Barbie dollhouse!" *Sigh. Worth every effort.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it. Would be great if you guys let me know what you think. What childhood hobby do you miss doing? Maybe it's time to start getting on it again, no?

Keep safe, everyone!