Saturday, September 27, 2014

DIY: Personalized Washi Tape

Confession: I am not always thrifty. But when I am, I try to make it fun.

I have never actually bought those wonderful and dainty looking washi tapes that are available in the market today simply because I find them a little over my budget. I was given a jarful of teeny tiny washi tapes before but I think they are for kids - I find them lovely, don't get me wrong, but I kinda want the "artsy" and "hipsterish" looking kind for my personal use. So instead I gave those to my daughter and left myself just drooling over the the fancy ones sold in that fancy store.


In my obsession over them but still no budget to spare, I thought of just making myself one.

--> Cue in Wonderwoman music<--


Thought of sharing it with you guys!
Warning: this is very easy to make and slightly addicting. So, without further ado, I present to you this super easy DO-IT-Yourself Washi Tape!

What you need:
Gift wrapping paper
Ribbons (optional)
Tissue wrapper
Double-sided tape

I just got these from my local bookstore  - Hallmark brand



I've had this roll of ribbon since forever, was keeping it for future gift wrapping purposes.

These can be bought in gift shops or book stores. Note, however, that these double-sided tapes are the film kinds and are not the ones with foamy centre. But hey, if you want to try those out, don't let me bust your bubble. =)

So, here's what I did:

First, I lined and stuck they sticky side of the double-sided tape against the back of the wrapping paper. 

Trick is to make sure that you stick as close as possible to the very edge of the paper just make the cutting part easier. Also, this makes it easy to align the tape along the paper - serves like a guide, if you know what I mean.

Next, I just cut all the part that has the tape on it and cut as exactly as I can at the very edge of the tape.

That's all there is to it! Told you twas easy!

Now onto ribbons... Same principle...


But let's not stop there. I thought of making it personalized since we've already exerted all efforts anyway:

I thought of doing your own doodle, writing your name, your child's name, or whatever else you could think of and turn them into washi tapes too!

Don't throw the endless artwork that your child makes, turn them into washi tapes and use it to label their toys, their notebookk, books, etc!

These were really easy to make and such a joy to look at when they are all done. Those fancy and expensive washi tapes got nothin' on these sexy babies. Lol! 

So I hope you guys like it and find this post useful. Comment and share if you do, will appreciate it a ton! See you guys soon! and keep safe!