Sunday, February 22, 2015

Candy Bar Centerpiece

Confession: I feel so guilty for not posting as often as I promised before I would.

I got busy - and lazy. I felt like I was spread too thin the last couple of months and whenever I get the time to relax, I want nothing but to embrace my laziness. 

February is a full month for me: we went on a family vacation that required us to drive for 8 hours just going to the place. We took our 6 year old with us, which actually meant that it's not so much of a vacation for me - holler to all those doting moms who get what I mean. Lol. Then I had to prepare and get my hands full with celebrating our daughter's 7th birthday. We don't usually throw big parties for her because it really is ultra stressful -- and fulfilling in the end (wink-wink), but because it's her 7th birthday, we felt like going with the norm and throw a party this time around. 

It took me a whole lot of excel sheets to get everything organized but I got there in the end. I didn't hire a party planner/organizer just because I think that's a waste of money and my God-given creativity so I did everything mano-a-mano. This was perfect for our budget and I didn't want that guilty feeling at the end of the day knowing that I spent too much for something I could have done myself. So that leads me to today's post: Candy Bar Centrepiece. I managed to snap a few photos before I got my hands dirty - literally, with all the glue and glitter I used - and thought to share this with you guys. This is how it looked like:

Just in case you're confused, the centrepiece I'm talking about is the "Cassi 7" standees at the back. So if you're interested to know how I did it, keep on scrolling down below. I try to be as detailed as possible ;).

First, I printed out the letters so I have a guide when cutting the styrofoam. As much as I'd like to do this freehand, I'm afraid I don't have all that talent. Lol. 

Then cut those letters out and traced it over the styrofoam. 

I then got a tub - basically means I bought plastic disposable containers and spray painted them into a cream color - and stacked it with styrofoam again to hold the stick holders in place.

'Course it would look undone without any kind of design whatsoever, so I just took crepe paper in the closest color of the party's theme, crumpled them and stuffed it on all sides and centre.

Next image is pretty self explanatory:

The stick I used here is a bamboo thong but decided to replace that with balloon sticks to make the standee taller. For easier punching, I cut both ends of the balloon stick to make them sharper and more knife-like.

So that's how it would roughly look like. But I was just halfway done. I had to add the glitz and frills to this, of course.

So this is how it ended up: (So sorry for the defocused shot!)

I was pretty pleased with the turn out and it looked exactly as how I imagined it to be!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you learned something cool from me today. Let me know from the comments below what you think of it or if you have questions.

Till my next post - which I hope is soon!

Keep safe everyone!